Parallel Augmented Maps
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  • This is a wild balanced binary tree. In fact, it is named hyphaene compressa, or the East African doum palm.

  • All algorithms in PAM are based on a single primitive Join. Except Join, all the other algorithms are generic across balancing schemes.
  • The tree structure has several good properties, which are essential for efficiently processing big data.

PAM (Parallel Augmented Maps)

A Parallel C++ Library for Balanced Binary Trees

  • Supports efficient parallel (augmented) balanced binary trees.
  • Provides a simple and effective interface for abstract data types (ADTs) including sequences, ordered sets, ordered maps and augmented maps.
  • Uses multi-core parallelism supported by Cilk.
  • Supports four different balancing schemes: AVL trees, red-black trees, weight-balanced trees, and treaps.
  • Adopts a simple algorithmic framework: the join-based algorithms.
  • Is fast both sequentially and in parallel.

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We thank the PBBS team because PAM uses several building blocks in PBBS.

We also would like to thank Laxman Dhulipala and Joana Fonseca for reporting several bugs in the library.